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Who's Behind The Lens

Hi there! Alexis here. First and foremost, thank you so much for stopping by to check out my little corner of this virtual world that we call the internet. So happy to have you here!

A little bit about me...

I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer and have been photographing professionally since the year of 2013 and am all self-taught. At first it started with landscape, cityscape, fine-art styled images until I got to capture my first Highschool Senior. Ever since then I've been given the honor of capturing some of life's most important moments for some of the greatest people I've come to know. Pregnancies, engagements, births, weddings, graduations and anything and everything in-between. 

The reason I started taking pictures in the first place back when I was younger was because of one very special person in my life. My sister, Caitlin. She has special needs and is actually non-verbal, but one thing that always allowed her to express herself was through the fun we would have taking photos. The true magic of a good image is the feeling and emotion within it that speaks for itself- no voice necessary. As of April 30th, of 2022, it is with an incredibly heavy heart that I add that she passed away unexpectedly. (Her graduation picture is featured below)

When I'm not photographing people, places or things I'm probably spending time with my family or my fur-babies. I might even be getting myself lost in the woods. I find that wandering aimlessly often brings you to discovering some cool stuff.

If we haven't had the opportunity to create any art together yet just know that I love adventure. I'm constantly scouting new areas and go crazy for natural light. Spoiler alert- it's the best kind! I only ask that my clients be up for trying new things and be open to suggestions that I have because I strive to blend fine art with both the formal and candid in-between moments. 

It is people like you that help me continue to grow as an artist and fine tune my craft. Whether you have questions about the process, are ready to book or would like to discuss details about your photo needs, send me a note! Can't wait to connect! 



Tell your story outside in the midst of beautiful surroundings and serene views.



Nothing but real-life emotion and feelings. Don't be afraid to be you.



Be in the moment and get lost in the little things. Let everyone see your story the way you feel it. 



There's more to life than just beautiful romance! Which is why I dedicate my passion to capturing all of the precious and important moments that life brings. 

Explore the collections that are found in my portfolio to picture your moments featured here.

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